Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

The Kelly Poling 1st Annual Art Fair, Coming October 6th and 7th 2023!

For an application and more information

Contact us at: kpadcorp@gmail.com


or on Facebook with any questions.

Past Events

Art With A Heart
Children's Valentine Event

The Kelly Poling Arts District board members want to extend our thanks to all the parents and kids that came to the “Art with a Heart” event.  It was a great time celebrating the love of art. 

Special thanks goes to all those who donated crayons, supplies and worked on the preparation; to The Parlor Bakery & Cafe for the delicious cookies;  To Ryan at Hy-Vee for the donation of supplies; To the Cultural Corner for allowing us the use of their beautiful facility; Lastly to KCHI for their donation of air time to help promote the event.  

What a wonderful town we live in.  

Until our next event! Blessings.  


Kelly Poling Archway Ribbon Cutting and Reception

On November 9th, 2021 we held a ribbon cutting and reception for the new archway in the Kelly Poling Arts District. We had a wonderful time seeing and talking with everyone who attended. And a big shout out to Butch Shaffer who took the beautiful pictures of the archway.

Kelly Poling Kids Coloring Event

The first annual Kelly Poling Kids Coloring Event took place on Sunday October, 3rd 2021. There were over 40 entries, and the children were able to enjoy ice cream and every child was a given a free Kelly Poling Mural Coloring Book with crayons. The winners of the event in the three age groups were:

K - 1st

1st – Eliana Hessing

2nd – Evie Leatherman

3rd – Emma Perry

2nd - 3rd

1st – Destinee Midget

2nd – Kiley Davis

3rd – Rhedyn Foster

4th - 5th

1st – Jozlyn Guyett

2nd – Hannah Hardy

3rd – London Douglas

Special appreciation goes out to the Cultural Corner who not only provided the space but was on hand for instruction as needed. Those helping were Lacey Anderson, Margaret Vance and Frances Crouch. Also, much appreciation goes to Scott Rule of Community Press for assisting with the coloring pages and Ronnie Clark of Sliced Break market for helping with the ice cream and sprinkles. The sub-committee for the Kelly Poling Arts District Board of Directors that was instrumental in planning and carrying out the event was Pam Gabel, Janette Voorhies, Debbie Willard, Sarah Arthaud, and Angela Poling. We look forward to next year’s Kelly Poling Kids Coloring Event